Thank You!

Thank you to all who participated, our sponsor Thimble Island Brewery, and Billy Tee's for providing the best space and food we could've asked for.  Here are your winners for 2015:

1 Snarknado
2 Hrainbow Connection
3 In One Ear and Out Your Mother
4 Approximately One Song
5 Offensive Reference
6 Prince
7 Smarty Pints
8 I'm Not a Rooster but Watch What This Cock'll-do-to-you!
9 High School Hand Job
9 Stephen Hawkins School of Dance
11 Trivia Nomads
12 Dumbledore's Army
13 Casting Couch

2015 Tournament of Champions

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Welcome to the WhatTrivia Tournament of Champions!  You've competed all year, now it's time to find out who is the best! This tournament will consist of 2 Semi-Final events and 1 Final Championship event.  Registered teams will compete in only one of the two Semi-Final events, and must place in the top six to continue on to the Final event. 


  1. The Tournament of Champions is open to any team that registered in 2015.
  2. Entry fee is $100 per team. This includes entry into one Semi-Final and the Finals (if you qualify.)
  3. Based on the 2015 Tournament of Champions Standings, your entry fee will be discounted as follows:
    1. Teams placed 1st through 3rd in 2015 are invited directly to Tournament of Champions Final with FREE entry.
    2. Teams placed 4th through 10th in 2015 will receive 50% off entry and one “Double or Nothing” Bonus Reward Token*
    3. Teams placed 10th through 20th in 2015 will receive 25% off entry and one “Right a Wrong” Bonus Reward Token*

How to Sign Up

There are 15 team tickets available for each Semi-Final event and are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve your seat at either of the Semi-Final events, the captain of your WhatTrivia Registered team can log into for instructions. Here you will find an Event Brite link to purchase your ticket, and your secret discount code based on the 2015 standings. In order to properly reserve your table, you will select which Semi-Final event you wish to compete in and the number of players that will be competing on your team.

Event Dates

Semi Final 1

Where: Billy Tee's, 150 Sebethe Dr, Cromwell, CT
When: Thursday, February 4th @8pm 
Who: 15 team tickets available
Why: The Top 6 teams from this event will advance to the Final Championship.


Teams Registered for Semi-Finals 1: You will be ranked among the other Semi-Final 1 contestants, the Top 6 teams will advance to the Finals on Feb 27th. You are eligible to win a regular weekly prize for placing in the Top 3.

Teams Registered for Semi-Finals 2: You can play tonight and are eligible to win a regular weekly prize for placing in the Top 3. However, placing in the Top 6 will not automatically advance you to the Finals. You will compete on Feb 12th for a chance to advance.

Registered Teams: If you want to purchase entry into the TOC Semi-Final 1, you may do so at the door. You will be ranked among the other Semi-Final 1 contestants, the Top 6 teams will advance to the Finals on Feb 27th

Non-Registered Teams: As always, you can play tonight for FREE and are eligible to win a regular weekly prize for placing in the Top 3. You will not advance to the Finals on the 27th.


Semi Final 2

Where: Billy Tee's, 150 Sebethe Dr, Cromwell, CT
When: Friday, February 12th @7pm 
Who: 15 team tickets available
Why: The Top 6 teams from this event will advance to the Final Championship.

Final Championship

Where: Billy Tee's, 150 Sebethe Dr, Cromwell, CT
When: Saturday, February 27th @7pm 
Who: 15 teams (The Top 3 teams in the 2015 standings, the Top 6 teams from Semi-Final 1, and the top 6 teams from Semi-Final 2)
Why: The Top 3 teams from this event will be awarded prizes.


*Semi-Final Bonus Reward Tokens

Your Bonus Reward Token will be available at your reserved table on the day of the Semi-Final event.

Final Championship Prizes

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize


Official Rules:

  1. You must be a registered team in 2015 to play in the Tournament of Champions. A member of your team must provide proof of ticket purchase for entry.
  2. If you purchase a team ticket and can no longer attend to compete, you may send a substitute team to represent your team. The substitute team will be asked to show proof of ticket purchase and to submit your registered team name at the start of the game. No members of the substitute team may compete for any other team in any of the Tournament of Champions events.
  3. Standard WhatTrivia rules apply. Maximum of 8 players per team. Teams may consist of any players of your choosing, team members need not have played WhatTrivia before. Choose your team wisely.
  4. Any form of cheating, especially cell phone use immediately disqualifies the whole team from Semi-Final event and the Final event. If you are disqualified at the discretion of any WhatTrivia Staff, you will be ejected from the game and will not get your entry fee back.
  5. You can only compete in one of the Semi Final Events.  If you lose in Semi-Final 1, you cannot pay/register/play in the Semi-Final 2 to try again.
  6. There will be one entry fee per team for the Semi-Finals. There is no cost to compete in the finals, you have to earn it.  If you win in the Semi-finals, you are invited to the Finals for free.
  7. Standard Final question rules apply, if you submit more answers than asked for, your answers will be scored at the discretion of the WhatTrivia staff.

2015 Tournament of Champions

Standings as of 12/30/2015

Rank Team Points
1 Snarknado 171
2 In One Ear and Out Your Mother 130
3 Approximately 1 Song 115
4 Show Me Your Peacock 82
5 Back in the USSR (The Red Army) 79
6 Trivia Nomads 78
7 Cry Havoc 72
7 Rob and his mo'Lassies 72
9 Prince 64
10 Team Boobies! 59
11 Hrainbow 58
12 Stephen Hawkings School of Dance 48
13 Lisaaa 47
14 Dumbledore's Army 43
15 Smarty Pints 41
16 High School Hand Job 36
16 I'm so Fancy 36
18 Two Wines Make a Right 31
19 Offensive Reference 29
20 Not Wesleyan 26
21 Einstein's Ballsack 25
21 WalkthePlank 25
23 Goats in Trees 21
24 Alice and Her Rabbit Holes 19
24 The Umbrellas 19
26 Bend & Snap 15
27 Cori and the Diamonds 12
27 Yes 12
27 Rolling Up 12
30 I lost my virginity, but I still have the box it came in 10
31 Statutory Grape 8
31 The Penn Staters 8
31 Skiing team with a drinking problem 8
34 Slut and the Falcon 7
35 Tom, Ryan 6
35 Slam Pieces 6
35 North Haverbrook Express 6
35 Hump Day Heroes 6
39 Quiz my Pants 4
39 Hot Tub Time Machine 4
39 beer with a side of trivia 4
39 Bleacher Kreatures 4
43 Official Nickelback Fan Club 3
43 2 Live Jew 3
43 Where the boys at? 3
46 That's what she said 2
46 The Big Beers 2
46 Go hard in the taint mange 2
46 the Regulars 2
46 Son of Dad 2
51 Bernackis Boys 1
51 Go Fund Yourself 1
51 Long Awaited 1
51 Jacob's Friends 1
51 Arsenal 1

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